Speakers for November



This month’s Soul Matters theme is “The Gift of Generosity.”

Sometimes we lose touch with how generously overflowing life is, even when parts of our life are hard.  When this happens, we need something to help us step back and renew our perspective.  Without knowing it, we all put boundaries and limits around our generosity. How might the stories and beliefs passed onto you by your family or society be hemming in what you have to give to the world? Life doesn’t just lavish generous gifts on us; it also often invites us to be part of the lavishing. It’s sneaky that way. It likes to enlist us as its partner-in-crime.

Do you have trouble giving yourself permission to receive the generosity or help of others? What storyline might be hemming in your ability to receive that generosity? Are you truly being generous or are you simply giving from your abundance? Do you know the difference between true generosity and giving?

One of the best ways to explore our monthly themes is to have conversations about them with people who are close to you. It not only deepens our conversations but also our relationships. Come join us and stay for the discussion after the service.


November 5- Rev. RoBear Wilson


November 12- Rev. Sylvia Carlson


November 19- Dr. David VonSchlichten


November 26- Rev. Rebecca Booher